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This is an observation of our daily lives, the pains and pleasures, and the happenstance of what “tiny living” is to us and the art of trying to make it all work without killing each other.

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Travel Map

View this post on Instagram A post shared by PlateauHameDeColquhoun (@plateauhamedecolquhoun) States we’ve all been to since last October 2020! We have rules for the state to count.. We most stop, get out of the vehicles, sight see or buy something for it to count. Driving through non stop doesn’t count. States we’ve been toContinue reading “Travel Map”

Prairie Dogs at Walmart

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Artoftinyliving (@artoftinyliving) We had hopes of starting phase one build of the solar. But to start we need a clear day (to run power tools on the small solar, or generator) without rain. The weather shows rain for the next few days. We headed to townContinue reading “Prairie Dogs at Walmart”

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